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With this page I will be sharing my experience I have learned while growing shiitake, starting a small farm, learning to do a farmers market, how to sell to stores and restaurants. I will try to make it REAL, I want it to help the home Gardner, the Farmstead, to help the small farm build success stories, larger farms increase incomes.


I will share my mistakes, things that worked really good, products I used and how well they worked for me or didn't do the job. 


By nature I am a real quiet guy, I don't have the best command of the English language, I usually just get to the point and move on. I don't expect my videos to be much different. So I am not a Hollywood guy and don't like to hear myself talk. So please subscribe and follow along, give feedback good or bad.


"Share what you have learned, make the world a better place"  

Timber Top Mushroom Farm You Tube channel



A Tennessee Naturally Grown Shiitake Mushroom Farm | Organic Shiitake Mushrooms

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