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New Website
New website launched for Timber Top Mushroom Farm

Timber Top Mushroom Farm Launches New Website

Timber Top Mushroom farm has launched a website and mobile optimized website. Our new website will be easier to navigate and find information, more information about our products and where to buy them, online pre-order form for buying our products as the Richland Park Farmers market, text message sign up, sign up for future delivery of our products to businesses in Davidson County TN, and in the future an area for posting our YouTube videos.


Richland Park Farmers Market

Farmers Market

Timber Top Mushroom Farm is now at Richland Park Farmers Market (Nashville's favorite Farmers Market with 80+ vendors) almost every Saturday (April through December) from 9 am until noon, rain or shine. We are tent #42. Click Here for the vendor map.


We will also be selling our grow your own Shiitake mushrooms on our mushroom log, Shiitake mushroom powder and microgreens. You can now send us pre-order requests from our website.

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Microgreens for sale at Richland Park Farmers Market

Now Selling Microgreens

We have added microgreens to our farm and we are now selling microgreens at the Richland Park Farmers Market. We believe this addition expands our value of offering "Mega Foods" to our community. We use only organic or non-GMO seeds for our microgreens.


Some common varieties we grow include; amaranth, basil, dill, beets, broccoli, cabbage, celery, onions, chard, chervil, coriander, cilantro, kale, kohlrabi, lettuce, mustard, parsley, peas, beans, radish, arugula, spinach, sunflower, and sorrel.


Our microgreens are grown on small trays and delivered alive to the market. This allows the microgreen to be harvested at home when needed. We make every attempt to sell fresh and within a few days of when the first leaves appear.

USDA Organic Supplements from Micro Ingredients
Vevor tools and products

Products We Recommend

USDA Organic Supplements from Micro Ingredients

Our first choice in organic high purpose supplements

If your looking for other mushrooms such as: Chaga, Shiitake powder, mega Mushroom Mix, Red Reishi, Cordyceps, Turkey Tail and other mega foods check out the selections

Tough Tools and Products at Half Price

Our first choice for products and tools for virtually any project you may have, all at substantial savings.

A Tennessee Naturally Grown Shiitake Mushroom Farm | Shiitake Mushrooms

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